Which brew is right for you?

Whether you need a kick of black coffee straight from the pot, or a little bit of foam and extra sweetener, we can help you find the perfect blend!


The Espresso

50-minute chat

Our go-to appointment type is all about power and effect - and efficiency, so hold the foam! This is the right brew for you if you’re presenting soon, and need one or more of the following:

  • Content that is compelling and audience-centered

  • Help writing a great opener and mic-drop finish

  • Smoother transitions between slides, topics and key points

  • Better delivery techniques

  • Tips to calm the nerves

What’s included:

  • A 50-minute chat over the phone or via Zoom

  • A new story, punchline, attitude and confidence boost

  • Drip tips for ongoing support

I was feeling very well prepared for my presentation at an industry conference until the night before when I read the summary of the keynote speaker who was schedule immediately before me. It was eerily similar to my planned material. My first reaction was to panic. My second was to call my Cool Beans Coach. Thanks Ann for getting back to me so quickly, talking me off the ledge and building back my confidence. “Best presentation of the conference” was a quote that was uttered after my presentation. So wonderful to have Cool Beans available when I need them most!
— Judy - Chief Security Officer, Fortune 500 Insurance Company

The Pour Over

Executive Coaching
Contact us for details

Nice! You have the taste and dedication of a connoisseur. You understand how important this skill is and you’re ready to invest in yourself and your team.

Reach out to us and have a chat about your group’s needs, challenges, and goals. We might have a package that’s just right for you. This brew is perfect for:

  • Managers looking to improve their team’s skills

  • Individuals who want to hone their craft over time

  • Anyone who knows they need more than just an Espresso to be ready to go

What’s included:

  • Personalized strategies to improve content, delivery, or nerves

  • Drip tips for ongoing support

Ann has been an amazing coach in ‘delivering’ and ‘structuring’ a great presentation. She is extremely creative and has a great ability to enforce strengths and overcome weaknesses in anyone. I highly recommend her for coaching at any level or business or personal skills.
— Keval, Finalist SXSW

You’re a rockstar. The pointers about ‘Imagine’ and using clear non-verbals were tremendously helpful. Thank you!
— Jay - Founder & CEO, Customer Technology Firm