Our coaches can help you calm your nerves, clarify your message, and master your delivery.

All our coaches have a unique blend of skills and expertise, and are backed by Cool Beans Coaching as masters of the art of listening, helping, and supporting to give you the energy and confidence you need.



Ann Ward

Ann Ward works with the best and the brightest to identify what’s standing between them and their message. She meets professionals where they are geographically (and psychologically) to change behaviors and improve personal, employee, or team outcomes.

With more than 20 years of executive coaching, speaking, and training experience, Ann knows that the motivation to change comes from the inside. For that reason, she applies healthy doses of empathy, listening, and coffee to make her client experiences fun with lasting results.

Ann is the master of audience-centered conversations. She applies practical knowledge, personal rapport, and humor to her audience’s experience to help them meet their goals.


Samantha James

Sam James loves to help people share their amazing ideas. Sam is currently earning her master’s degree in communication studies at the University of Alabama. Sam teaches Public Speaking on campus, while also teaching English as a second language within the community.

Sam loves dancing, performing with her acapella group, the AcaBellas, and will never pass up an opportunity to visit the Olive Garden. She speaks Spanish and can find a GIF for any situation.


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