Videos aren't Presentations... are they?

Whether it’s a webinar, video message to a client, or even a recording for your own practice, hearing your voice and seeing your face on camera can be intimidating. Don’t worry, Cool Beans is here to help! Handling stress related to video calls is a lot like dealing with presentation stressors.

Here are the 3 R’s to getting over video call anxiety:

  1. Remind yourself that you have value for your audience that goes above and beyond what you look like. Use positive affirmations to tell yourself- You’re worth it!

  2. Don’t Re-Watch videos for things like how your hair looks. Instead, focus on the content of your presentation and how your delivery adds to your message!

  3. Repetition: Practice, practice, practice! The more you present over video, the more confident you’ll feel doing so.

We borrowed these tips from our friends at BombBomb, the masters of re-humanizing virtual communication.

Stay cool,
The Cool Beans Team