8 Slides for the Perfect Pitch Deck

Pitch deck tips can make any presentation better

Pitch deck tips can make any presentation better


Pitching soon? Whether it’s a business idea, sales plan, or project solution, your pitch can decide your next move and gain you valuable supporters. Before you get in front of the room, you need to get a few things in order. Yes, delivery is important. Your confidence sharing the idea you’re an expert in can make or break the speech. But before you get practicing to perfection, your content needs to be curated just right. You know a lot about your idea, and have a lot of information bouncing around that you want to share. How do you decide what needs to go in the pitch deck?

Remember, it’s not about you. It’s about What’s In It For Them: What the audience wants to hear.

Here’s our Cool Beans Content magic formula: 8 / 5 / 30

  • 8 Slides

  • 5 Minutes

  • 30+ Font Size

These are all tricks to keep it short and simple. The fewer slides you use in your powerpoint, the less likely you are to go over the time limit. The larger the font size, the heavier the importance you are likely to place on the words you decide to include in each slide. Following that formula will make your slide deck more persuasive. But what do you actually say on each slide?

Here’s the pattern we follow (Adapted from Guy Kawasaki):

  1. Title Slide

  2. Overview

  3. Innovation/Breakthrough Potential

  4. Feasibility & Sustainability

  5. Social Impact

  6. Scalability

  7. Use of Funds

  8. In Summary

Now that you’ve got an awesome pitch deck, you’re ready to rock that delivery and calm any nerves that creep up before the big day. Book a time with us to make sure you’re ready to rock!

Stay Cool,
The Cool Beans Team