One Trick to Make Your Speech Better

Typewriters have a built in pause-o-meter

Typewriters have a built in pause-o-meter


You know your stuff. You’ve got great content and you can’t wait to share it with the world. But no matter how fantastic your idea is, poor delivery can limit your audience’s understanding, and take away from your credibility.

The solution?

Embrace the power of the pause.

Imagine this: You’re typing on an old-school typewriter, and you reach the end of a line, sentence, or idea. What do you do? Shift the paper back. The paper is reset into position, and you’re ready to shift to a new idea. In your presentation, the pause is that shift. By taking your time on the pause, you give your audience enough time to take in what you’ve just said, and give yourself enough time to catch your breath and remember what comes next.

Every time you finish a thought, remember to shift.

Stop talking. Take a breath. Then start the next idea.

(Bonus points if you make the shhhhhing sound!)

Stay Cool,
The Cool Beans Team