How to Actually Moderate a Panel

women panel.jpg

Last week, we gave you steps to follow to prepare to lead a panel on any topic. But what do you do in the moment, when you are all sitting on stage?

Here are some tips for managing a panel of speakers:

  • Add energy. The audience will never be as excited as you are, so it is your job as the host to add extra enthusiasm to your introductions and tone. Smile, laugh, and nod along with your participants so the audience knows how to properly engage.

  • Transition for them. Include phrases like, “To summarize,“ to let the audience know when you’re wrapping up.

  • Prepare some lines in advance. Have information about how to reach your panelists on hand to share with the audience. Find a connecting thread for the conversation beforehand so you can have a powerful closing for the audience and a #micdropmoment that they’ll remember.

Now go out there and support your panel- it makes everyone look good!

Stay Cool,
The Cool Beans Team