Prepping the Presentation

Last week we defined the purpose of our presentation. What’s next?

 Here’s how to write the content for your speech:

  1. Write the body of your presentation. this is the real meat of the message!

  2. Add an introduction & conclusion. How will you get the audience’s attention at the beginning? What call to action will you give them at the end?

  3. Shorten all of your sentences to make them easier to say. Remember, we don’t talk the same way we write.

 Check back next week to learn how to make some magic with your delivery!

 Stay Cool,
Cool Beans Coaching

So you've been asked to give a presentation...

What now?

Our next series of drips will focus on Cool Beans Official Presentation Preparation Method.

The first step is to understand your goal. What do you want your audience to get out of the presentation?

 Answer these questions:

  1. Who is this presentation for? What are your audience’s values, roles, interests?

  2. What type of presentation is this? It is persuasive, informative, or for a special occasion?

  3. What is your goal? What should the audience do after you present? Understand new information? Make a change? Buy a product? Feel a certain emotion?

 Understanding the purpose of your presentation will help you prepare something deliberate, well-organized, and awesome!

 Want to read ahead? Check out this article on preparing a presentation.

 Stay cool,
Cool Beans Coaching

Show me whatcha got

Presenting a demo for a new product or process?

Here are some quick tips: 

  1. Start with a customer story or example that highlights your solution.

  2. Describe their problem. Why do they need your product? “We know that in your world…”

  3. Ask a rhetorical question. “Wouldn’t it be great to have a quicker solution?”

  4. Make it personable by using an name in your example. “If we look at Alicia’s dashboard…”

How do you demo?

Stay Cool,
Cool Beans Coaching

Short is Sweet

Give yourself- and your audience - a break. 

While writing can have beautiful language and helpful punctuation, speaking needs to be short and to the point. Think short & sweet.

Instead of:
While it’s been claimed that all public speaking coaches are the same, Cool Beans coaching has repeatedly proven their high caliber status as the best choice. 

Cool Beans coaching is the best solution!!

What could you say a little sweeter? 

Stay Cool,
Cool Beans Coaching

Bueller, Bueller, Anyone...

We’ve all been there. You ask the audience a question and… nothing.  No head nods, no questions, no response at all. It can be unnerving when you’re the one at the front of the room.

The solution?  Invite them to play early and often.

When you kick off your meeting, presentation, or training, share your expectations with the audience. 

It can be as simple as saying “This will be interactive.”

Then do something that proves it right away.

  • Ask a question

  • Have them work in small teams or using a flip chart

  • Get them to solve a riddle or guess the answer

When you invite an audience to interact, they will. Make it easy for them and thank them after they play.

Stay cool,
Cool Beans Coaching