Business as Usual

In some places, folding, writing on, or even putting a business card in your back pocket can be incredibly rude.

You wouldn’t want to sit on your business colleague, would you? Then no matter the culture, treat their business card as an extension of the person.

After a card is handed to you, take it with two hands and place it front of you before putting away.

This demonstrates that you took the time to consider your peer or colleague.

Stay Cool,
Cool Beans Coaching

What's in a Name?

Not every culture introduces themselves the same way your culture does. When introducing a speaker to present or manager in a meeting, make sure you know how it’s done.

For example: In China, Surnames are said first, then followed by either a Westernized or Chinese personal name. Check with the individual to see how they would like to be introduced to a crowd.

When in doubt, ask! 

Stay Cool,
Cool Beans Coaching

I don’t know what to do with my hands

Depending on the culture, what you do with your hands can be very important.

In Korea, for example, accepting anything with just your left hand can be considered rude.

Tip: When handed anything from a thank you gift to the clicker for the PowerPoint, accept with both hands or the right hand using the left to support it.

If you aren’t sure, ask.

Stay Cool,
Cool Beans Coaching