What's in a Name?

Not every culture introduces themselves the same way your culture does. When introducing a speaker to present or manager in a meeting, make sure you know how it’s done.

For example: In China, Surnames are said first, then followed by either a Westernized or Chinese personal name. Check with the individual to see how they would like to be introduced to a crowd.

When in doubt, ask! 

Stay Cool,
Cool Beans Coaching

Bueller, Bueller, Anyone...

We’ve all been there. You ask the audience a question and… nothing.  No head nods, no questions, no response at all. It can be unnerving when you’re the one at the front of the room.

The solution?  Invite them to play early and often.

When you kick off your meeting, presentation, or training, share your expectations with the audience. 

It can be as simple as saying “This will be interactive.”

Then do something that proves it right away.

  • Ask a question

  • Have them work in small teams or using a flip chart

  • Get them to solve a riddle or guess the answer

When you invite an audience to interact, they will. Make it easy for them and thank them after they play.

Stay cool,
Cool Beans Coaching