5 Phrases to be More Likeable

Leading a workshop or delivering a presentation is not the end of our social interactions. Before you give a speech, after you follow up with a client, and at networking events before a job interview, we present ourselves all the time. In any conversation, use these quick phrases to build rapport and overall make yourself more likeable to others:

  • “I was just thinking about you!“ If something positive reminds you of someone, tell them!

  • “How about you?“ To avoid awkward silences, turn the self-disclosure questions around.

  • “You are so interesting.“ We all want to be liked. If someone says something interesting, let them know!

  • “Being with you has been so great.“ At the end of a conversation, actually finish the conversation on a positive note.

  • “Last time we talked you mentioned…“ The more you can remember about a person, the more likely they are to trust you- you listened to them!

Focusing on the other person is a great way to rack up brownie points and put your best foot forward before you even get to the front of the room. Get your audience on your side before you present!

These tips were shared with us by Vanessa Van Edwards at the Science of People.

Stay Cool,
The Cool Beans Team